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My Watch Whiskey Glass
My Watch Whiskey Glass

My Watch Whiskey Glass

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You've done your time. You have that DD214 in hand. You can kick your feet up, close your eyes, and let somebody else deal with the problem, but you won't. You won't because you can't. There's something ingrained in you. You have to protect. It's why you joined the military in the first place and, even though your contractual obligations to Uncle Sam are over, it will never leave you. You, more than most, understand that it's a dangerous world out there, so you never close your eyes. Whether you're at a new job or in class, you're always aware of those dangers, and you have taken small precautions to be ready for any crisis that may arise. The others will remain complacent, you won't. Your time in uniform is over, but your watch never ends.

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