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Cinnamon MRE Poundcake Wicked Nick's Candle

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Cinnamon MRE Poundcake Candle

 The scent of butter and cinnamon dance in your nostrils as grandma pulls her famous pound cake out of the oven and glazes it with sugar.  Tendrils of smoke from the wrought-iron oven snake out of the chimney and float into the night air.  You feel the love and contentment of being around family, and the tender care that was taken to prepare each ingredient so that they blended together just right for the perfect cake.

Now picture all of that but mass-produced by lifeless machines in a shitty factory in Hoboken, New Jersey, which is then stuffed with preservatives so that it will last longer than nuclear waste, and then wrapped into a brown plastic bag.

Now picture that smell mixed with wax.

That’s what this candle smells like.

Warning: Fire is hot and will burn you.  And that will hurt. If you leave your candle around pets or children, let’s face it, something stupid is going to happen.  They might burn down your house, all your stuff, and maybe even get you all killed.  So be safe with this candle and keep it away from things that burn and people and animals that will burn things.

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