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Gun Leather 'Merica Candle

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Gun Leather Scented Candle

Gun Leather smells likes like that old leather holster that your grandfather carried for years.  It’s worn in, comfy, and has a really amazing natural pattern.  Plus it carries a gun.  You might ask yourself, “Self, how does one get that smell into a candle?”  Well, we’re not telling you.  It’s a secret.  But that’s what it smells like and it’s kind of awesome.

Warning: Fire is hot and will burn you.  And that will hurt. If you leave your candle around pets or children, let’s face it, something stupid is going to happen.  They might burn down your house, all your stuff, and maybe even get you all killed.  So be safe with this candle and keep it away from things that burn and people and animals that will burn things.

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