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Make The Grass Grow 'Merica Candle

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Make the Grass Grow Scented Candle

Make the Grass Grow is scented with the blood of our enemies.  Just kidding.  We’re pretty sure that’s illegal, plus no one loves the smell of iron.  What it does smell like is a rich earthy, sitting under the hearth in oldie tyme days kind of smell and frankly, it’s most people’s favorite of all our scents.  But Hearth didn’t have the same ring to it as “Make the Grass Grow” so we colored it red and boom.  Magic. Sue us.  We market things.  That’s what we do.

But you know, we would put the blood of our enemies into a candle if it was legal.  Just sayin’.

Warning: Fire is hot and will burn you.  And that will hurt. If you leave your candle around pets or children, let’s face it, something stupid is going to happen.  They might burn down your house, all your stuff, and maybe even get you all killed.  So be safe with this candle and keep it away from things that burn and people and animals that will burn things.