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WOMEN'S Valkyrie Crops

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Valkyries: the angels who decide your fate in the afterlife--Fólkvangr or Valhalla. They're the vehicle of your afterlife. Either way, you'll meet the Valkyries when your time on this earth ends. Go with them.

PERFORMANCE: Made in the USA Reinforced hand stitched seams Polyester 88% Spandex 12% Merica 5%

SOFT STRETCH: Made in the USA Reinforced hand stitched seams Polyester 89% Spandex 11% Merica 5%

Washing: Please follow the instructions. Handwash in cold water for best results. For sizing, go with your regular size for compression fit, go a size up for tight legging fit.

Model in the picture is an athletic 0 and wears a small.


Ships in approx. 10 business days.

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