Bennington Flag

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The Bennington Flag is one of the oldest and best-known American Flags in existence; a distinction it shares with its contemporary, the Starts and Stripes, which flew over Ft. McHenry in 1814 and inspired our national anthem. The Bennington Flag is instantly recognizable for its unusual features: the "76" in the blue field, seven-pointed stars, and the use of white stripes for the outer bars rather than red. As the earliest known flag made entirely of cotton, it is an important document for the history of textiles in America. Family tradition suggested this flag was used in the Battle of Bennington, however several factors argue against this. The original Bennington Flag was glued into a bronze and plate-glass frame almost immediately after arriving at the Vermont museum in 1926. 

Our specialty flags are made from heavy duty Solar Max nylon and are accurate reproductions of the most commonly requested U.S. flags in the industry. These historical nylon flags are finished with heavy-duty white headers and brass grommets. This 100% nylon material is specifically manufactured for outdoor use, so you can rest assured that the flag is always flown with the respectful appearance it deserves.

Made in the USA.



All flags are 3' x 5'



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