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Since WWI, more than 200,000 Americans have been listed as being Prisoners of War or Missing in Action. During the Vietnam War alone more than 2,500 Americans were captured and listed as Missing in Action, MIA. Shortly after the end of the war, an organization called the National League of Families was formed with the goal to remind the nation of those declared MIA. In 1971, wife of MIA soldier, Mrs. Michael Hoff, felt there should be a symbol to remind the nation of these soldiers and contacted a flag company to being the process. The resulting flag went into production so quickly the sketch was never refined, and the initial drawing in the POW/MIA Flag seen today. 

The POW/MIA design was never copyrighted and has been legally ruled as "public domain." This flag in the only flag, other than the American Flag, that has ever flown over the White House. 

Our specialty flags are made from heavy duty Solar Max nylon and are accurate reproductions of the most commonly requested U.S. flags in the industry. These historical nylon flags are finished with heavy-duty white headers and brass grommets. This 100% nylon material is specifically manufactured for outdoor use, so you can rest assured that the flag is always flown with the respectful appearance it deserves.

Made in the USA.



All flags are 3' x 5'



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