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Sale - 10-8 Nation Normal-Fit T-Shirt

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10-8. It?s another day of work. You showed up again. Everything that happened during your last shift means nil?minus the experience you took away from it. Today is a new day. If only the public knew what you?ve done and what you?re going to do. But it doesn?t matter. It?s your job. It?s your life on the line for theirs. You don?t do it for the money. You don?t do it for the pay. You do it because you have to. You do it because people?both the public and your brothers and sisters in blue?are counting on you. You put your uniform on. You strap up. Then you let the world know, ?I?m 10-8.? Serve. Protect. Get home safely. That's your life. You're 10-8, 24/7/365.