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Battle of the Bulge Wicked Nick's Candle

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Battle of the Bulge Scented Candle

Imagine a 39 day battle in the forests, shores, and towns of Belgium, Northeast France, and Luxembourg.  There’s so much shelling that the trees and homes have been splintered everywhere.  Tufts of tree pulp float in the air like snow.  The scent of pine and hardwood intermixed with gunpowder flares at your nostrils, each moment wondering if death will come for you as well.

That’s what this candle smells like.

Warning: Fire is hot and will burn you.  And that will hurt. If you leave your candle around pets or children, let’s face it, something stupid is going to happen.  They might burn down your house, all your stuff, and maybe even get you all killed.  So be safe with this candle and keep it away from things that burn and people and animals that will burn things.

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