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Cage Free Deer Vintage Shirt

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Go to the store and look at the packaged meat. There’re labels everywhere. Cage free this, Non-GMO that. It’s free range and it didn’t take steroids. Good grief. You know what’s really crazy? You pay extra for getting “clean” food.
Now, there’s a pretty good way to ensure that what you’re eating is cage free. Get up super early, get all bundled up in your finest camo and orange vest (so Cletus doesn’t pop a cap in you from 100 yards because he forgot his glasses), and go climb in that tree stand.  Then you wait. And wait some more. Eventually that cage free deer will come stand 50 yards away in a nice profile and hold super still. And it’s deaf so it can’t hear you drop the lens cap from your scope. Also, it has a cold so it can’t smell the booze seeping out of your pores from last night. And then, boom, you’ve got yourself some free-range meat. None of those things ever happen, but it’s nice to dream.
Seriously. Go harvest some free range, cage free, whatever. It’s good for the soul.