Come And Take It Sticker
Come And Take It Sticker

Come And Take It Sticker

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Molon Labe! I mean the 2nd Amendment isn’t specific to firearms. As a matter of fact, it definitely says “keep and bear arms” and I’m pretty sure that you can arm yourself with a compound bow. There’s a ton of dead deer, pig, turkey, etc. that will attest to that fact.

Of course, the compound bow is highly controversial. I mean isn’t a compound bow really an “assault bow”? The Founders could have never imagined such a machine with its’ pulleys and sights. And that high capacity quiver? Just another weapon of war not meant to be in civilian hands. Hell, you don’t even need to spend a thousand bucks to suppress the damn thing, because it’s super silent.
Seriously though, if the long bow was good enough for “Mad” Jack Churchill (we’ve got a shirt for him too) then the compound is even better. Come. And. Take. It. 


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