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There will always be bad people in this world. You can't wish them away. You can't pray them away. And you most certainly can't hope them away. People and civilizations who fail to grasp this usually end up paying for it. Those who are unwilling to plan for the worst case scenario willfully put their lives in the hands of the aggressors. You hear about terrible things on the news every day. Someone runs down a dark alley during a late-night or early morning jog. They get mugged and/or assaulted. Then you see them on the eleven o'clock news saying, I didn't deserve that.? They're right, they didn't deserve that. Nobody deserves to be harmed for no reason. But at the same time they put themselves in a bad situation simply because they believed it shouldn?t or couldn't happen to them forgetting that there are bad people out there who prey on blind trust. The more Western Civilization advances, the more people tend to forget this. That's why we need people who are aware of our dangerous world. We need Sheepdogs. The Sheepdog will do everything in its power to protect those unwilling to protect themselves. Evil exists when people ignore it. The Sheepdog will never look away.