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Sale - Freedom is a Risk Ultra-Thin Vintage T-Shirt

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A lot of Americans don't realize that only a small percentage of our countrymen fought in the Revolutionary War. Not only that, but only a minority of the population was directly invested in the war effort. It was a brave few who gave the gift of liberty to many. The effort of the Continental soldiers, and their task at hand, can not be understated. They went up, and eventually defeated, the largest, most technologically advanced, and best trained military in the world. They did this simply because of pure drive, belief, and an unmatched will to have the most precious and sough thing on earth: freedom. They endured through defeat after defeat, miserable weather, times of lost hope, and numerous setbacks. But they kept driving. Because they had to. Because people were counting on them. The U.S.A. on this shirt is patterned after the buttons worn by those early American warriors. The ones who understood that freedom is always a risk worth taking.