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I am comfortable with violence. It's a strong statement. A lot of people may take it the wrong way. They may think I love violence, as if I'm some sort of bloodthirsty Myrmidon. I assure you that's not the case. I enjoy the same peace as everyone else. But the difference between me and everyone else is that I understand violence exists. I may not be the instigator, but it exists. There are bad people out there who wish to do you harm. It could be a local thug or an international terrorist. They exist. They want to strike you first. They want to catch you off-guard and victimize you. That's the point when it becomes necessary to have a calm approach to violence, be comfortable with it. It's about knowing what these people want to do to you and being ready to inflict the same pain upon them. It's about being calm in the midst of chaos. It's about training. Whether you're a military servicemember, veteran, cop, or trained citizen, you've learned to stand your ground in situations where the majority of citizens would run. There are certain questions you have to ask yourself. Will I stand my ground? Am I prepared to pull the trigger if I have to? Can I bury my fear and adrenaline and maintain my composure when chaos surrounds me? If you can answer yes to these, you're comfortable with violence. No, you're not a violent person. But you're certainly comfortable around violent people, and you'll know exactly what to do when they threaten you.


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