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LIMITED EDITION Custom Tomahawk by Justin Gingrich

Regular price $350.00

We are proud to release the Limited Edition Tomahawk made by Justin Gingrich. We're only releasing 25 of these hand-forged weapons, all of which come with a unique numerical engraving based on the order of your purchase. The curved canvas micarta handle, 1060 steel head, and DeSantis sheath morph into a distinct pre-sharpened weapon for decoration and destruction. Additionally, because of the high-quality, each one comes with a lifetime warranty. The blades are 9 inches wide and 5 inches tall at the tallest point of the cut. The handle is 15 5/8 inches from top to bottom. Whether you're using it for decorative purposes, practical use, or both, this is an ideal weapon to have in your home.

*Tomahawks are exempt from offer codes