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Midnight Nazarene Ultra-Thin Vintage T-Shirt

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ISIS is the biggest group of assholes in the 21st Century. They're in the top 3 biggest assholes of the last 100 years. It's safe to say that they're in the top 10 of assholes in the last millennium. Nazarene has many connotations. But for ISIS, it only has one (and it's not a positive one for them): Christian. Genocide is occurring as I write this. Muslims are being slaughtered for not being Muslim enough. Jews are being slaughtered. Turks are being slaughtered. Kurds are being slaughtered. Men, women, the elderly and children are being slaughtered. Secular people are being slaughtered. Gays are being slaughtered. Brits are being slaughtered. Jordanians are being slaughtered. Americans are being slaughtered. Christians are being slaughtered. For the Christians, they have received the mark of Nazarene. Many Christians are showing solidarity by voluntarily carrying the mark themselves. It's their way of saying, "I'm not hiding. And I won't be alone." 

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