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NCO Backbone of the Military Normal-Fit T-Shirt

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History tends to tell the stories of Generals, Admirals, or the officer that happened to be in charge of a particular important battle. We like to think of these people as somehow being military geniuses who outsmarted, outmaneuvered, and outhustled the enemy. The truth, however, as anyone who has ever spent a day in the military knows, is that even if these guys were amazing on any given day, there was a time when they were green newbies. They were 2LTs and Ensigns and a grizzled NCO who had been there and done that took them by the ears and taught them how to be leaders. And during those battles, it wasn?t the officers? amazing plans or leadership that won the day. After all, no plan survives first contact anyway. It was the technical and tactical proficiency of the most educated and disciplined NCO Corps the world has ever seen leading squads and platoons to victory. And before the battle even started, these same NCOs were taking care of their men ? ensuring proper food and sleep was provided, weapons were clean, ammo was available. In short, it is the NCO that does all the work, that takes care of and disciplines the troops, that educates soldier and officer alike. The NCO is the backbone of the military. Anyone that thinks differently?well?never had a good NCO. Thanks to all of you for what you do. If your job was easy, they?d have given it to the officer corps. 

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