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PREORDER Ranger Up War Eagle Ultra-Thin Vintage T-Shirt

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The Great Seal of the United States of America shows an eagle grasping an olive branch in its right claw and a bundle of thirteen arrows in its left claw. The olive branch signifies peace and the arrows signify war, letting all that would do the world harm know that our country prefers to live in peace but is most assuredly always prepared for war. The Ranger Up Seal is different. There is no olive branch - just one pissed off eagle holding two sets of arrows. The warriors who wear our clothing don't make policy, but they are always ready to execute it. Whether they are kicking down doors, fast-roping onto the top of a building, flying jets overhead, or walking into the cage to face some sorry unsuspecting fighter, this shirt lets the world know who they are. We don't like to start fights, but we sure as hell finish them. Our MMA t-shirts are made with a softer, thinner, and more expensive fabric than our basic tees. They are also more form-fitting with a more athletic fit, so please take that into account!