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RU Star Vintage Shirt

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You may not know this, so pay attention.
 Ranger Up is pretty OG in the world of military apparel. We started in a time where finding military or patriotic themed shirts was limited to the 4th of July holiday weekend at the discount store. If you really lucked up you could go to the military surplus shop and dig through piles of overstocked PT shirts from whatever branch had a fire sale that week. We were one of the first to right this wrong and this shirt is a throwback to our roots. Subtly patriotic with the World War I style text font and stars backed up by the salty green sage of years past. What’s old is new again.
This RU Star Logo shirt is perfect for the down low moto in all of us. 
Ships in 3-5 business days.
 **Our Vintage shirts are more of a close, snug, RU-hug, always-have-your-back kind of fit than the Normal-Fit shirts are.