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Sale - Death Whispers Ultra-Thin Vintage T-Shirt

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"Though I walk through the valley of the shadow of death, I will fear no evil." Many of us have done it. Some have done it as warriors. Some have done it as survivors of disease. And some have done it as survivors of random or domestic violence. We survived death and we kept our heads high in the process?and afterwards. Albrecht Dürer?s 1513 engraving, Knight, Death and the Devil, is a great reminder of our mortality. We don?t know when it?s going to happen, but we know it?s going to happen. That, perhaps, is the greatest feeling we can be armed with. For once you acknowledge how short your time on this earth is, you can break the chains of fear and resistance and attack life head on. We are constantly surrounded by things that can end our existence. Yet we fearlessly trudge through life. That rugged way of living has kept our species alive through numerous droughts, conflicts, natural disasters, manmade disasters and revolutions. You, as a living being, are that knight courageously riding through life. You?re both in control of your destiny and beholden to chance. Some people cower, shut down and hide from that fact. That?s what makes them sheep. That?s why they?ll never truly live. You?re not that person. You own up to your decisions and learn from your mistakes. You survive. You push. You struggle. And you succeed. The Knight You. Death Your environment. The Devil Fear. Death twitches my ear, ?live,? he says, ?I am coming.? Be ready for it.