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The Damn Few DVD: Season 1

The Damn Few DVD: Season 1

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Hollywood gets the military about as well as King III understood how pissed off the American colonists were going to get about a tea tax. Enter The Damn Few, created by the whacked out military veterans at Ranger Up. Rhino (Army), Gunny (Marine Corps), Sealy (Navy), Ice Goose (Air Force), and Coastie (Coast Guard) unapologetically lay waste to lame politically correct Hollywood stereotypes and smack you in the mouth with a fistful of freedom, right after they knockdown copious amounts of whiskey. The only thing this quintet, voiced by Nick Palmisciano, Luciano Carfagna, Thomas Hunt, and Jon Walsh, enjoy more than drinking booze and killing terrorists, is getting back to their favorite bar and talking smack to each other about killing terrorists while drinking booze. If you have feelings or gave the ability to manifest human emotion, then The Damn Few is probably not for you. But if you want to experience the gift of unbridled patriotism, wrapped in violence, and topped off with a bow of sarcasm, then you have no choice but to strap yourself in and take a ride on The Damn Few Express. From the moment you meet the characters in their favorite bar, through their battles with Hitler, Stalin, and giant alien bugs, an even when they wax poetic on the issues of the day like gun control, corrective training, and women in the infantry, you?ll be beaten to within an inch of your life with truth, vulgarity, and hilariousness. Bottom line: Watch this show or the terrorists win.


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