The Damn Few Rhino Gun Control Poster
The Damn Few Rhino Gun Control Poster

The Damn Few Rhino Gun Control Poster

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The speech from the now-famous Damn Few Gun Control Episode is now in poster form!

You asked for it. We listened.

Do you know the real problem in America today?


You’re all afraid.

You’re afraid of criminals. You’re afraid of terrorists.

And you know what? You should be afraid of them because if you aren’t, it’s easy to pretend they don’t exist. And that’s the most dangerous thing.

But that doesn’t mean you quit on freedom.

That can’t be the answer.

It can’t be.

You have all these rights: privacy, speech, assembly, religion.

And yeah, you have the right to bear some mother fucking arms.

And that right has nothing to do with fucking hunting. It exists so that if some stupid cocksucker breaks into your house and thinks he’s going to hurt you or your family, you can shoot him in the fucking face.

It exists so that if the government tries to go all “Crazy Eyes” George the 3rd on you, you can make a decision about whether you’re going to bend over and take it or give him a lead necklace.

It exists because, without weapons, all you can do is hope that armed men will be fair and honest.

Well, guess fucking what? Hope, is not a plan, and when people use it as one, they tend to end up taking it up to their fourth point of contact.

I get it. Guns are fucking scary. And they should be scary. Everyone should have a healthy respect for weapons, the way they should about driving an automobile, or walking down the stairs – two things that kill a lot more fucking people every year than guns.

No matter how hard we try, we can’t legislate away danger. There will always be bad men in the shadows. There will always be murderers, and rapists, and Boy Bands. There will always be terrorists. There will always be men who just want to watch the world burn. And even if you outlawed every gun on the planet, those men would still have them.

The only difference is, we wouldn’t.

Posters are 18" by 24"



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