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Fair Winds and Following Seas 'Merica Candle

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Fair Winds and Following Seas Scented Candle

This scent is so sweet and nautical that we had to name it after the Navy.  It’s cool, it’s crisp, and it brightens up the room.  After five minutes of this burning in your house, you pretty much want to get on the front of a luxury liner and hang off the front and scream, “I’m the King of the World!” at the top of your lungs.

You shouldn’t do that.  You should also fight the urge to buy one of those Halloween sailor outfits and prance around the house in it.  But if you do, we won’t judge you, for such is the power of Fair Winds and Following Seas.

It’s basically like entering a Nautical Matrix of scents.

Warning: Fire is hot and will burn you.  And that will hurt. If you leave your candle around pets or children, let’s face it, something stupid is going to happen.  They might burn down your house, all your stuff, and maybe even get you all killed.  So be safe with this candle and keep it away from things that burn and people and animals that will burn things.