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Women's He See's You When You're Sleeping Vintage Tee

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He Sees You

You know the popular song about Santa and the part where it says he sees you when you’re sleeping and he knows when you’re awake. Well we have questions. How? Is he looking through my window? Did he put a camera in my room? Maybe it’s not the CIA watching me through my TV?


Santa has NODs. He straight up got himself some GPNVGs. Apparently, he’s been rocking them for the last hundred years or so. It would appear that Santa’s workshop is a bit higher speed than previously thought. This raises another question. Was it really Rob O’Neill that canoed OBL? I mean if Chris Cringle is watching you snooze in your footie pajamas, is it a stretch to think he’s a hitter in the off-season?

This is getting weird.