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Women's Jared Bullock Tank

Women's Jared Bullock Tank

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A Green Beret is on the road in hostile territory when an IED rips through his vehicle and body. Where there were once four limbs there are now two. Additionally, a tattoo of the American flag that once adorned the side of his body has now been tattered and chunks of it ripped from his body. The temptation to re-ink would be tempting for many. But not this man. It's left as a reminder of the battle hardened individuals carrying American colors in foreign lands to this day. Our colors may get tattered, but we'll keep moving. Jared Bullock: husband, Green Beret, ginger, smiley-face, and genuinely nice guy. When life threw Jared lemons in the form of a blast that took out a leg and an arm, he took the lemons, loaded them up on the squat rack, put up twice his body weight (we just made that up, we have no idea what his max is), and proceeded to make the best tasting lemonade you've ever had in your life. He also likes tank tops, so we made him one.


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