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The person who claims wisdom is almost always a fool, but one thing we can promise: You will never regret pushing harder, refusing to quit, and enduring that which others would never endure. Fighting through something, regardless of the challenge, builds character and becomes habit. Fighting through challenges leads to toughness, which leads to success over time. As such, success is a habit. Likewise, quitting is a habit. Once you decide it is okay to fail, it is that much easier the next time to do the same. You don't hold yourself to the same standard. You no longer think about not quitting, but when it is acceptable to quit. I've participated in hundreds of combat sports matches. I barely remember a victory. I remember every loss. Two in particular, I didn't prepare properly for, and to this day, while my opponents surely have forgotten about the matches, they nag at me. The penalty for me is simply slight aggravation many years later. The penalty for our troops can be exponentially more severe. It is critical that we think of training as absolutely essential. It is not okay to half-ass an exercise. It is not okay to be relatively fit, rather than truly fit. It is not okay to be a decent shot, when you could be an excellent shot. We fully realize that at times, attaining the highest level is miserable. We know that especially with op-tempo as high as it is, training may even seem silly for the seasoned veteran. But we all have friends who will never come home, and the last thing any of us would ever want is knowing we could have sweat a little more in training and saved blood downrange. There are two types of pain: The temporary pain of training, or the permanent pain of failure. Choose wisely. This item is a preorder.