The Battle of Combat Flip Flops

Posted by Suzanne Palmisciano on

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  • lmfao you guys are awesome lol.
    I bought a pair a month ago and they are efficient, durable and comfortable. Just bad ass.

    Curtis Edwards on

  • You guys were right on point on this one. I wish we would of had CFF Combatives back in my day. We had to get by on just the Combat Jungle Boot (CJJ).

    Tommy V on

  • I just hope there are no automobile" accidents" about telling the truth stay down Scouts Out

    Christian Natoli on

  • I’m just not into films where there’s not a “sole” survivor!

    Bob on

  • Great job… haven’t seen this level of realism since Saving Private Ryan… you had me tearing up on that final slo-mo scene… hit home, brothers, hit home.

    Nelson on

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