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Fully Automatic Belt Fed Freedom T-Shirt

Fully Automatic Belt Fed Freedom T-Shirt

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Ma Deuce, Pig, Vulcan, Avenger, M60, SAW, M1917, and even the Mk19. What do they all have in common? A belt. No, not to hold up their pantaloons, rather to feed freedom seeds in to a freedom seed planting machine. From the 0311 and 11B Grunts to the door gunners and the cavalry, everyone loves some cyclic therapy. Army, Navy, Air Force, Marine Corps, and Coast Guard alike all love the sound of rapid-fire hate and discontent. The “tinktinktink” of links and smoking brass making little mounds of ejected love in the dirt or spent casings falling from above while a door gunner in a Cordite induced mania screams unheard obscenities all make for a better day. Who doesn’t get a rush when you press that trigger? Knowing that your volley of violence, your 3 to 5 round bursts of endorphins has just ruined someone’s day, and made yours so much better.

There is no better freedom than Fully Automatic Belt Fed Freedom and there’s roughly 134 years of evidence to back that up. Saint Browning bless us all.


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