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21st Amendment T-Shirt

21st Amendment T-Shirt

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I Support the 21stAmendment

There are many Amendments to the US Constitution that get a bunch of press, most coming from the Bill of Rights. And rightly so. The right of the people to redress their government, peaceably assemble, to have a free press, to be secure in their person and property. Hell, we don’t even have to talk to an agent of the state if we don’t want to. Even the dumbest among us has at least a clue about the 5thAmendment.

Fast forward from June, 1788 to 16 January 1919. A dark date. A blight on our great nation. The 18thAmendmentwas ratified. It essentially outlawed the possession, sale, and consumption of alcohol. Can you imagine the horror? One can only assume that this atrocity was (in)directly responsible for the 1929 Stock Market crash, the rise of NAZI Germany, and the spread of Soviet Communism. It was also responsible for a huge black market of illegal booze, the rise of the mafia in cities like New York and Chicago, and countless deaths due to shitty home-made swill. What a terrible, terrible time to be alive in the United States. Imagine going to the NCO Club and getting a nice tall pint of…water.

On 5 December, 1933 the citizens got an early Christmas gift. The 21st Amendment was ratified. We got our booze back! Bars opened, breweries cranked up, young and old, rich and poor alike rejoiced in an alcohol fueled nationwide block party. Once again all was right in the nation. And we here at Ranger Up want you to know that we fully and unquestionably support the 21stAmendment. Now go get a beer, or a bourbon, or Scotch, or whatever, and celebrate Liberty!


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