Ranger Diamond T-Shirt

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Ranger Up is proud to introduce the next in our ultra-thin vintage line. Like our MMA shirts, it has an athletic fit, but is also enzyme washed to make the material super comfortable and very thin. It is a 60/40 Cotton and Polyester blend. The front of this classic shirt showcases the faded Ranger "Lozenge" Diamond made famous when the 2nd Ranger Battalion stormed Omaha Beach during the Battle of Normandy. The Ranger Diamond was later immortalized in the film "Saving Private Ryan". Sua Sponte is the official motto of the 75th Ranger Regiment. It is Latin for "of their own accord", which basically means that Rangers, well, have a tendency to take matters into their own hands. Its other meaning is a salute to the fact that the men of the 75th have to volunteer for three incredible challenges: to join the Army, to attend Airborne School, and to join Ranger Regiment.


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