25th Infantry T-Shirt

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America’s 25th Infantry Division didn’t get the nickname Tropic Lightning by coincidence. Formed shortly before WWII, and after being directly involved in the Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor, it was one of the few units to solely spend its time trudging through the rough terrain of the Pacific Islands on America’s arduous journey to recapture the east—suffering over 5,400 casualties in the process.

From there it was involved with some of the toughest fightings in Korea and, back to its jungle roots, in Vietnam where they were instrumental in defending the besieged city of Saigon during the Tet Offensive.

From there, more of its notable engagements occurred in Iraq and Afghanistan, all this while maintaining its strong defense of America’s interests in the Pacific.

They are the consistent defense from the east. They are Tropic Lightning.


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