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chi-rho 1. a monogram of chi (Χ) and rho (Ρ) as the first two letters of Greek Khristos Christ, used as a Christian symbol. What became popular as a symbol for Roman troops and emperors started as a single miracle in a time of strife. As the story goes, Constantine had a divine vision of the cross as he was pondering the shortcomings of one of his military campaigns. This vision was also shared by his army. That very night, he claimed that Christ came to him in a dream and told him to make a replica of the symbol and carry it into battle for his own defense. Constantine, as some know, became the Roman emperor who officially embraced Christianity and the Chi-Rho became the official imperial symbol after his death. It is a symbol of people who have lost. It is a symbol of people who have won. It is a symbol of people who had to fight. Give to them according to the evil of their deeds.


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