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GOEF Misty Super Sabres T-Shirt Black

GOEF Misty Super Sabres T-Shirt Black

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The Gathering of Eagles Foundation is honored to recognize two ‘Misty’ Pilots as 2020 Air & Space Power Legends. ‘Misty’ was the radio callsign used by the Fast Forward Air Controllers during Vietnam. The first ‘Misty’ pilot being recognized this year is United States Air Force Major General (Retired) Donald W. Shepperd, who entered the Air Force in 1962.  During his seven years of active duty service, Maj Gen Shepperd flew 247 combat missions in Southeast Asia and was hit 13 times. Fifty-seven of those missions were as a “Misty” forward air control pilot. Only 157 F-100 pilots were officially designated as ‘Misty’ pilots during the war. In 1969, Shepperd left active duty and joined the Air National Guard. After serving in multiple capacities within the organization, Maj Gen Shepperd was appointed as the Director of the Air National Guard in 1994 and served as its Director until his retirement in 1998. Maj Gen Shepperd retired as a command pilot with nearly 5,000 hours in 10 different fighter aircraft throughout his military career.

The second ‘Misty’ pilot being recognized this year is United States Air Force Colonel (Retired) Dave ‘Bubba’ Jenny, who entered the Air Force in 1964. During his 28 year career as a fighter pilot, Bubba flew over 5,000 hours in 10 different aircraft, including the F-100, A-7, A-10, F-16, and F-117. Like Maj Gen Shepperd, Bubba was 1 of only 157 F-100 ‘Misty’ pilots assigned to fly missions over North Vietnam. Like many of his squadron mates, Bubba was shot down in July 1968. From his time flying in combat with Col Bud Day, Bubba went on to be one of the first pilots in many of the Air Force’s newest aircraft. This culminated with his selection to the highly classified F-117 Stealth Fighter program. From flying over 300 combat missions to piloting the world’s first stealth aircraft, Col Jenny is a living testament to the history of airpower and the technological advancements that keep it relevant.

The GOEF and Ranger Up present this shirt in recognition of Maj Gen Shepperd and Col Bubba Jenny’s accomplishments, and to honor the legacy of all their fellow Vietnam Misty Pilots. 

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