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GOEF Tiger Sharks T-Shirt Black

GOEF Tiger Sharks T-Shirt Black

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The Gathering of Eagles Foundation is honored to recognize United States Air Force Colonel Kim “Killer Chick” Campbell as a 2020 Air & Space Power Legend. Colonel Campbell always dreamed of being a pilot since she was young. Through persistence and hard work, she made her dream a reality when she entered military service after graduating from the United States Air Force Academy in 1997. After accomplishing Undergraduate Pilot Training, she was assigned to the A-10 Thunderbolt II with the 75th Fighter Squadron at Pope AFB. In 2003, Colonel Campbell deployed to the Middle East ISO Operation Iraqi Freedom, where her dreams of flying translated into heroism. While providing close-air support for troops-in-contact on the ground, Colonel Campbell’s A-10 was struck by anti-aircraft artillery fire. Her bravery and expertise allowed her to fly the severely damaged A-10 for nearly an hour safely back to base in manual reversion mode, something rarely experienced by pilots. Her harrowing experience is one of the few successful accounts of an A-10 being flown in manual reversion, and she did it after being shot over the heart of Baghdad! For her actions, she was awarded the prestigious Distinguished Flying Cross. Colonel Campbell’s career has brought her full circle as she currently serves as the Chair of Airpower Innovation and Integration within the Department of Military and Strategic Studies at the U.S. Air Force Academy. She continues to fly, having amassed 375 combat hours with over 1,700 total flight hours. The GOEF and Ranger Up present this shirt in recognition of Col Campbell’s accomplishments and to honor the legacy of the 75th Fighter Squadron.


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