Fort Benning School for Wayward Boys T-Shirt

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There's a special little place for degenerates like you. For whatever reason, you thought it would be a good decision to join the Infantry, Cavalry, Armor, or Airborne. Now you're going to school, buddy. Your ass is definitely going to school. The Ft. Benning School for Wayward Boys is a happy place. You'll get fed, maybe not consistently, but you'll get fed. Do you like nature? Good. The Ft. Benning School for Wayward Boys offers sightseeing for every conceivable insect in the South? Especially the ones that like to bite you. You'll also be treated to some of the most caring instructors to grace military academia. These men will prepare you for war while eloquently calling you names like ?fuck face,? ?shit for brains,? and ?stupid.? Are you afraid of sacrificing the civilian sleeping comforts you've become accustomed to? Don't worry, we promise you only the finest pine needles to sleep on. And lucky you. You're about to get treated to some of the worst heat and humidity known to man. This is a great way to learn how to hydrate properly ? lest Doc ends up giving you one of his famous silver bullet injections. Yes, you can have all of these things and more at the Ft. Benning School for Wayward Boys.


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