I Heart Tag Lights T-Shirt

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 I Heart Tag Lights

It’s 1am. Call volume is low and you’ve got some time to do a little proactive policing. An older model car pulls out of a shopping center ahead of you. You know all of the businesses are closed and have been for a few hours. All of the employees are usually gone by 11 pm. The passenger looks over his shoulder at you and turns around. You can see him leaning forward in the seat like he’s putting something under it. The right turn signal comes on and the brake lights illuminate. The driver is doing everything right, speed, signals, braking…but then you see it. The license plate isn’t illuminated. It never is. We all know what happens next.

If you wear this shirt in a room full of people, you know the person that looks at it and smiles a knowing smile is your friend. A cop, a Law Enforcement Officer, a LEO, the police, however you say it, they know what’s up.


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