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Women's Farming America Tee

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America wasn’t built in a day.
America wasn’t built by one individual.
America was built through generations.
Honed and mastered through proud craftsmen.
Built through overtime hours at the factory.
Tilled over through persistent farmers.
Built by the calloused enduring hands of tough labor.
Chopped through the swing of the axe.
Nailed together through the impact of countless hammers.
Tightened through the torque of a wrench.

Built through the blazing furnaces of the steel mill.
Grown through the tilling of God’s earth itself.
It has been maintained in times of war and peace.
And it’s still being built today because of Americans like us.
Americans who use their skills for the better of a nation.
Americans like yourself who understand and accept the hardest lesson of life.
That without labor, nothing prospers.