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Women's British Commando Vintage Shirt

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The British Commandos were formed during World War II in 1940 at the request of Prime Minister Winston Churchill.  Churchill saw the need for an elite unit that would be specially trained to perform daring raid operations against the German lines.

The Commandos were invaluable, and the outfit peaked at 40 individual units, all of which trained out of Achnacarry.  

Throughout the war, the Commandos worked with and had a significant influence on the United States Army Rangers, as well as the French, Dutch, and Belgian Commandos.  To this day, the Commandos maintain a special relationship with the U.S. Army Ranger School, and officers and senior NCOs are awarded a Commando knife inscribed with "Achnacarry to Rogers" upon successfully completion of their tour.

Their motto is "United We Conquer".