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Sale - Fiddler's Green Cavalry Normal-Fit T-Shirt

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The Cavalry has a long storied history that is almost as old as warfare itself. The third oldest manner of fighting after the infantry and the non-extinct chariotry, its origins come from men using war horses to gain greater mobility, power, and speed in battle. Over time, the cavalry became the branch of the noble classes, and such was the power of the mounted warrior that it was believed impossible to win a battle with sufficient cavalry. As warfare changed, so did the cavalry, but the elements of who they are stayed the same. Horses were exchanged for mechanized vehicles and helicopters, but the mission remained the same: overwhelm the enemy with unbridled speed and firepower. Perhaps one Ranger Up fan described the Cavalry best: It?s an organization of rough men, horses that drink diesel, sabers that spit 7.62, and an inordinate amount of bravado. Often seen in almost authorized headgear, beyond regs mustaches and dirt soiled faces, these men are tasked with finding the enemy. Flexible and deadly, the cavalry is the scourge of the battlefield, feared by terrorists, communists, fascists and the occassional MP unfortunate enough to spot them in garrison. Other fans couldn?t help but remind us that ?If you ain?t Cav, you ain?t shit.? Our first cavalry shirts shows the crossed sabers of the cavalry stamped over the poem This item is a preorder. All preorders will be shipped by September 9, 2016.