The Battle of Combat Flip Flops

The Battle of Combat Flip Flops

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Is it weird that I ordered my CFF’s in the Stan – just so they could travel the world before they came back to my APO?

Matt M

That was a Travis Bickle-level GTFO. No, not really.

Gray Mitchell

WOW!!! Academy Award winning performance all the way around!!!
I agree… it’s about time the truth is heard, no more cover ups. This film was the shit!!! Had me on the edge of my seat the entire time. Combat Flip Floos are the best thing since Rambo’s combat survival knife. I’m gonna order some now. BZ Gentlemen, BZ!!!
Hoo Rah


Nothing like multi-purpose American footgear. CLIMB TO GLORY!!!!

Nick Herigstad

Dude, brings back memories when I was back in the ‘Stan. There I was, faced with hordes of Taliban goats, down to my last mag of CFFs…

Wannabe Dude

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