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A Man Can Never Die T-Shirt

A Man Can Never Die T-Shirt

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A man can never die so long as someone speaks his name. Read it again. A lot of us have lost our brothers and sisters at war. There's a reason why we wear things like KIA bracelets. There's a reason why we make social media posts about them on certain anniversaries. There's a reason why we talk about them to strangers at times. Keeping their names alive keeps them with us. Some people go through three periods of anger after they lose a friend in the war. 1. Sadness: This is natural in any death. You've lost someone you cared about. Crying and brief depression can set in. 2. Anger: Maybe you get angry at the people who took your friend's life. Maybe you get angry at the war in general. Maybe you even get angry at yourself. But you're going to get angry. You're going to hold things up and maybe blow up. The rage can get to you quickly. 3. Acceptance: You get to the point when you accept what happened. It may happen within a few months or it may take years. Getting to that point is the best thing that can happen to you. When you accept what happened you can truly heal. Your mind becomes much more reflective. You begin to smile when you speak your friend's name because when you think of them you remember the good times you had with them as if you're in a vivid dream. They become alive again in your memories. You're living your life for them. This is why we create memorials. It's for those who haven't been afflicted by war to get a taste of the brave souls who lost their lives in it. It's a permanent monument to each individual life. Their names have a story. Speak their names forever.


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