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American Hustle T-Shirt

American Hustle T-Shirt

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Americans put in a lot of hours at work. There?s no disputing this. Whether it?s in the factory or running a business, we rarely rest. It?s all about hustling. We do this because the reward our quality of life in material items and living is valuable to us. We should not be ashamed of this. Those who hustle understand that in order to have the nice things in life you must put in the work. Those who don't understand this will perennially be relegated to a life of covetous rhetoric. That's all they?ll ever have: a damn complaint. If you want it, you have to sacrifice time, delay gratification, and hustle. It?s in our cultural DNA to shoot for number one. Athletes, artists, entrepreneurs, and others who want to rise to the top will put in the work. The wannabes are either rising to the top (through hard work) or will never get what they dream of (because they won?t grasp the concept that to succeed is to sacrifice). Americans outwork, outthink, and outplay. Get what you want, but be ready to work.


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