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American Jiu Jitsu Flag T-Shirt

American Jiu Jitsu Flag T-Shirt

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Jiu jitsu, the ever-evolving art of grappling using leverage and technique to overcome an opponent. It has spread across the world to men and women of all different ages, beliefs, and economic status and has brought those people together for the betterment of their lives. Each cultural influence has added its own adaptations. American wrestling has seamlessly integrated itself into jiu jitsu with brutal effectiveness. Positional control, scrambles, takedowns and the athleticism of the American wrestler have become a dominant force in combat sports and has influenced the improvement of one of the greatest martial arts known to man. The dedication and hard work of American grapplers have blazed the trail for fighters and enthusiasts today to be be able to train and learn American Jiu Jitsu.


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