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Baghdad Summer Camp T-Shirt

Baghdad Summer Camp T-Shirt

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Are you looking for fun in the sun? What about lifelong friends? Or maybe you just want to learn some new skills. Then the Baghdad Summer Camp is perfect for you. You'll do all sorts of cool things like patrolling, shooting, taking incoming fire, calling for CAS, and much more. At the Baghdad Summer Camp, you'll also learn to hydrate like a champion. We'd like to think it's a place that makes I.E.D. stand for I Excel Downrange. But what about the camp food? Don't worry, you'll have all the MREs you can ask for. Are there bug bites? Of course, there are, but that's what unfiltered DEET is for. Is camp safe? No, it's not. But don't worry, you can rely on constantly changing R.O.E.s to leave you feeling like you don't what the hell is going on. Join the Baghdad Summer camp today. It's a blast.


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