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Beauty of the Second Amendment T-Shirt

Beauty of the Second Amendment T-Shirt

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The Second Amendment has been a contentious topic for decades now. A growing number of mass shootings, from a minimal number of deranged individuals in a vast genetic pool, have molded a kneejerk mentality in the American populace. Armed only with their hearts, many individuals have placed their blame on the tools that these unbalanced people have used. Now they want to do away with the tools. It's a growing sentiment based more on fear than logic, but it's very real. Their idea of Utopia is a weaponless world. So why do we, the pragmatists, stick to our belief that we must maintain our right to keep and bear arms? It's because we understand. We understand that there will always be deranged individuals in our population. We understand that most of them will come simply in the form of violence. We also understand there are mischievous members of society willing to exploit our fear. They come in to manipulate. They want to legislate away our ability to defend ourselves in the name of greater public safety. That, my friends, is more dangerous than the violent criminals who wish to do us harm and it's precisely why the Second Amendment is important. Our ability to protect ourselves from government encroachment trumps all because, at the end, our weapons are the only things keeping liberty from tyranny. That?s the beauty of the Second Amendment: It won't truly be needed until they try to take it away.


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