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Black Viking Valhalla T-Shirt

Black Viking Valhalla T-Shirt

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Imagine a warrior culture so fierce that most adversaries simply gave up without a battle and proferred anything the attacker wanted as supplication. Then imagine a warrior clan whose fiercest warriors were considered so close to animals that they wore bearskins and wolfskins bathed in the blood into battle and were dubbed "Bezerkers" because of their raw aggression in combat. Imagine still that these warriors were trained in every form of combat, from naval battle to empty-handed melee and that they wore armor from head to toe, were brimming with weapons including battle axes, swords, spears, and heavy knives, and believed the only way they could enjoy the afterlife and meet their God Odin in the the Halls of Valhalla was to die in combat. You've just imagined the Viking, one of the most fierce warriors to ever walk the earth and the reason the words "pillage and plunder" exist. We at Ranger Up think its time that these warriors got the shout out they deserve.


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