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Bleeding Hands T-Shirt

Bleeding Hands T-Shirt

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When bleeding hands, stinging eyes, and dripping sweat is normal, everything else becomes easy. - Tim Kennedy

There's that moment, every single day, at every workout where you walk right up to your red line and make a decision: Do I want to push past it or do I want to stay comfortable?

Pushing your body past the point where it is telling you to stop isn't easy. Whether its an extra rep, an extra mile, or an extra round of sparring, jiujitsu, or wrestling when you have so little left in you that you're getting housed by everyone, those are the beautiful, horrible moments when you get better. Strength isn't made in comfort. It's made past the breaking point. Every time you push yourself past it, every time you break and keep moving forward, even if it's the most visually pathetic way imaginable, you make yourself just a little closer to unstoppable.

When you work so hard with other warriors that push you to be your best every day, you simply cannot be thrown off by those in the real world that try to do you harm. They haven't trained as you have. They haven't broken themselves over and over, day in, day out, waiting, preparing for this very moment. They will break. And you'll be standing there.


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