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Blood of Patriots Liberty Tree T-Shirt

Blood of Patriots Liberty Tree T-Shirt

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A free society isn't supposed to be comfortable. Achieving a free society certainly isn't comfortable. Great nations have, historically, always gone through major ebbs and flows. In order to achieve your goals, in any walk of life, especially in nation-building, you must be willing to both give yourself and take from others. It's that simple. It's that blunt. It's that real. Those who can't accept those things aren't the ones sacrificing for a free society. They may live in that society, but they're not maintaining it. Threats will come from abroad. Threats will come from within. A true patriot recognizes these threats when they appear. A true patriot is educated and open-minded, like Adams, Jefferson, Washington, Franklin, and others. Our founders where men of their time in many ways, but they were also the last American generation to have an abundance of renaissance men living at the same time and working for the same goals. They were learned men who spoke many languages, understood military tactics as much as they understood poetry, law and the sciences, were the best dressed of their time and had a sound understanding of diplomatic issues. Our country couldn't have been born without the qualities our founders had. Unfortunately, leaders, today are unable to encompass more than two of the aforementioned assets. They're dullards, like much of the population. It's your obligation if you want to call yourself a patriot, to know as much as you can and be as physically ready as you can. Then when that time comes, you'll be suitable and prepared to fight your enemies. The tree of liberty must be refreshed from time to time with the blood of patriots and tyrants.


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