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Blue Falcon T-Shirt

Blue Falcon T-Shirt

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This shirt may be my favorite of all time. The average person walking down the street will think "Hmmm...Blue Falcon - that must be one of those fake groups that are on just about any other shirt I can buy in any mall..." For those of us in the know, however, the only thing that comes to mind is CAW CAW! I have included an actual story and award from one of my buddies: Nick, At your leisure, check out the pic I attached. This is, the coveted Blue Falcon award, complete with a bird's nest taken from a tree. And yes, in true Bravo Foxtrot form, the nest had baby birds that were in it, and yes they were chucked on the ground and smashed because the Noble Order of the Blue Falcon is a higher cause than keeping some red caucated woodpecker alive in Louisiana. I made this when I was a commander and we'd give it out at training meetings. It was given back to me at the end of my assignment, either as a symbol of appreciation or to let me know that everyone hated me. Note: We don't recommend that anyone kill endangered species, even when they are annoying, and we want everyone to know that he's kidding 60% of the time - every time.


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