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Coffee is crack T-Shirt

Coffee is crack T-Shirt

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Coffee and Crack
When winners need a pick me up, a little nudge in the morning to get the day started they brew themselves a nice, hot cup of joe. That steamy, aromatic, roasted goodness pours life in to a lifeless soul and really gets them in that carpe diem mindset. It’s the drink of champions.
A loser, on the other hand, takes a $20 bill, goes to the shady part of town and buys a gram an off-white, rock like substance that started as cocaine but has been stepped on so many times it’s mostly just baking soda and dirty feet. Then they cram it in the end of whatever they’re using for a pipe and inhale the acrid smoke through a filter of steel wool and wait for the 15-minute high. Then their teeth fall out, they steal their mom’s silverware, and their family disowns them, and they go to prison.
Drink coffee. Be a winner.


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